Cacao Collective

Providing high-quality ceremonial-grade cacao to all Australians at an affordable price whilst giving back to farmers and the wider global community.

Delivering a website that presents the brand in a professional manner, catering to a larger market.

To stand out amongst competitors in a similar space, Cacao Collective needs a modern, clean website that aligns with the brand and target market. To do this, we have combined high-quality design, clear product information/benefits and enhanced eCommerce functionality of the site to propel the brand's online presence.


Cacao Collective




UX/UI Design  

Shopify Development

eCommerce Consulting

Ongoing Support & Optimisation


Reach international markets online

As part of the recent growth of online shops, Cacao Collective is is seeking to expand their products internationally. To do this, we built a website that shines a professional light on their premium cacao products, paving a way for heightened brand awareness and recognition.

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Advanced product page features

The goal is to create a strong first impression with potential visitors by communicating the key product benefits clearly. We believe that forming a quick connection with potential customers is the key to engendering trust in the brand resulting in higher conversions.


Modern, responsive design

The design of the product pages on both mobile and desktop are a key factor in ensuring better functionality and higher conversion rates. So, we ensured that the key information can be easily accessed including the product benefits. All product size options are also easily selectable on each product page, encouraging customers to buy.


Solid UX/UI both on mobile and web

We developed and designed a website that fits with Cacao Collective's branding. It's our priority to provide excellent user experiences that translate clicks to purchases.


Other functions to facilitate growth

Cacao Collective

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“Brad has completely revolutionised our website and online presence with his incredibly forward-thinking and effective approach. By understanding the specific needs of our customers, he has implemented successful online sales strategies”.

— Neil Record, World Music Network