SMS Marketing: A Successful Way to Market Your BFCM Campaigns this 2021

Brad Haynes
November 11, 2021

BFCM Marketing: How To Do It Better

For merchants, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) period is not only an exciting time but a challenging one as well. As shoppers are eager to make a number of purchases and find the finest offers of the season. It can be a lot to handle for retailers to make sure everything is ready for their BFCM promotions to run as smoothly as possible. 

Let's look at how you can ensure you're distributing the finest campaigns possible during the most critical eCommerce weekend of the year.

  1. Know your market.

It's vital to know who you're targeting before you start mapping out a strategy for the content you'll push out for this period. Utilising buyer behavior and data points to create segments is one of the best approaches to ensure that the material you send over BFCM is seen. Begin building your client marketing list right away. When Black Friday arrives, you'll have a large list of subscribers to whom you can deliver your fantastic discounts.

  1. Make your goals clear. 

Your campaigns should be direct, clear, and captivating. BFCM is about more than just a busy few days of shopping period. Organise from your pre-BFCM through the days and weeks after to ensure you make the most of this period. The first thing to do is to inform people what they can expect throughout the holidays. Then, craft some excitement for your impending Black Friday sale. Lastly, prepare content for everyone — not just your loyal customers but for new people as well. When your customers sign up for your marketing list, ask them for personal information that will allow you to send them more personalised communications.

  1. Craft a solid strategy. 

While blasting emails on BFCM may appear to be the most efficient approach to reach everyone on your list, segmenting and customising your content increases your chances of gaining the attention of the correct customers during the busiest season of the year. If you need a guide on what to do to achieve successful BFCM marketing, here’s a BFCM Checklist you should download now.

  1. Introduce SMS marketing as a fresh medium of communication.

Texting remains an underutilised channel for many brands, but Klaviyo has statistics that prove it wrong. Sending a campaign before Black Friday will allow you to better benchmark expected outcomes, allowing you to better plan and budget your holiday advertising. It also enables you to collect additional customer data, ensuring that your holiday targeting is unparalleled. 

Klaviyo SMS: An Overview

Arriving in Australia just in time for the mega sales period, Klaviyo SMS is a marketing medium worthy to tap into. Proving that SMS is a hugely valuable channel for marketing, Klaviyo has announced itsrecord-breaking statistics from SMS users in recent campaigns. Basically, the test campaigns they’ve blasted have:

  • Been read 99% within 3 minutes
  • Proven that there is a 63% possible increase in new customers, especially with brands communicating via text
  • Seen 600x in ROI in Australia alone

Crazy statistics, right? It's never too early to start planning for Black Friday. So, get your BFCM strategies out there via SMS and see up to 600x ROI this Q4 period!  If you want to try SMS marketing, Black Friday could be the ideal opportunity to make use of to break through the holiday clutter.

Get your store ready for the Q4 mega sales period.

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