F1: What Drives a Successful and Meaningful Journey

Brad Haynes
March 19, 2021

It's that time of the year when the F1 teams start unveiling their latest creations that will compete in the upcoming season. For all the criticisms of this male-dominated, pissing competition there is something else at the heart of F1 that deeply resonates with my (not-so) inner-nerd.

It's a sport at the absolute pinnacle of engineering pushing the limits of what's possible.

It's about a team of people, who are all experts in their discipline, working together to strategise, design, develop and launch the perfect machine to outperform the competition.

Beyond that, their process of continual improvement to test, measure, iterate and implement keeps them pushing the limits throughout the season.

F1 is something that awakens real passion inside me and one that resonates over my professional life. Our agency follows these same processes to produce websites for our clients, with an aim to outperform the competition - and then we use data and insights to continually improve site performance. It seems like it's been an unconscious parallel between a passion, and my choice of career... but then again, I did call our agency Drive!

Is there a sport that symbolises your approach or aspiration to business?

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