5 Ways To Improve Mobile Store Performance

Brad Haynes
September 8, 2021

We've been working a lot with clients lately to focus on their mobile performance. In many instances, we see as much as 80% of traffic coming from mobile devices, but their store performance is significantly down on nearly all key metrics - such as Average Order Value (AOV), Conversion Rate (CR), Store Revenue - when compared to the desktop experience.

Even small improvements to AOV and CR on mobile devices can have huge positive impacts on Store Revenue.

So, with a view to optimise AOV and CR on mobile devices, here are 5 areas to focus on your site to improve overall revenue.

1. Site Speed

It's no secret that an increased site speed has a direct correlation with an increase in sales performance and conversions.

Regularly check your site using Google PageSpeed Insights (or Lighthouse) - the main pages to focus on are:

  • Homepage
  • Product Page
  • Collection Page

Make sure you check both desktop and mobile reports and look for quick wins to improve your site speed performance.

2. Product Page Design

A lot of Shopify themes, straight out of the box, can really be improved for mobile performance. Key product details, such as images, product description, variant options, price and add to cart are often covered as standard.

But there are other considerations to make on your product page - that can directly improve conversion rates and store performance.

Trust reinforcements: Key information about returns policies, customer reviews, shipping details can go a long way to improving conversion rates and answering customer questions. But how does that translate in the design of your mobile Product Page? Often a redesign of the content in the mobile view can bring some quick wins.

Product Benefits: If you have a unique product and need to 'tell the story' of product benefits, again, how does this sit with your mobile design and what happens to your primary 'call to action' of adding the product to the cart?

Related Products: Related products, complete the look, cross-sells, upsells - all great tools to help increase your average order value, but careful consideration should be given to how the user experiences these on a mobile device from your product page

3. Navigation

Again, some themes straight of the box allow for really great menu options on desktop, such as multi-column mega-menus with lists and images. But how does that really translate to the mobile experience?

Quite often we find that designing and developing a separate menu for mobile can lead to huge improvements in your site's usability - allowing users to navigate the site - and product range - a lot more effectively. This can go a long way to improving your average order value.

4. Collection Page

Especially for those merchants with a large range of products, it's imperative to ensure your collection page is set up with intuitive filtering to allow users to refine the product range and find exactly what they are looking for. Quite often, this filtering system can really be improved on mobile devices.

Beyond that though - adding the capability for Add To Cart, Quick Shop or Wish Lists are a great way to increase engagement with your products directly from the collection page.

5. Cart Experience

Ensuring your cart experience on mobile os obviously critical. Again, sometimes themes straight out of the box aren't set up brilliantly for their mobile cart experience.

Accelerated checkouts are useful, particularly on mobile with Apple Pay in use a lot more - but also ensuring trust reinforcements and key product and delivery information is presented to the user along the way can help reduce abandoned carts and improve conversions.


This is just a starting point - and there are many other ways to improve store performance. But there's one thing you can rely on - and that's the data. Make sure you continue to test, measure & iterate in order to optimise your site and continually improve your store performance.

Get your store ready for the Q4 mega sales period.

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